A few years ago, I entered some prints into the Kentucky State Fair print competition.  I thought most of the photos displayed well, but none won any awards.  One of my favorites, “Mister Elegant” (aka Ian) was prominently displayed on an end-cap.  I told everyone we were among those prints that you walk by and say “Why didn’t that win any awards?”  I still don’t know why we didn’t get at least an honorable but, as I’ve grown with my photography, I have a few ideas how to make my work more competitive for the proverbial next time.

Speaking of ‘next time’……it’s tomorrow night.  I bit the bullet and entered 8 images into a digital print competition with the PhotoPro Network.  (I believe this was formerly called the Kentucky Professional Photographers’ Assn.)  Their Summer School is this weekend here in Louisville.  Since I thoroughly enjoyed the PhotoPro Expo in Covington back in February, I thought it was time to jump in and see how my photographs fare in a juried competition.

I’ll report back after the weekend of seminars.  I’m looking forward to an educational experience, no matter what happens at the competition.

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