At Images By Janice, we love pets. All pets! We understand their importance as family members and we know the heartbreak of losing one all too well. Our goal is to produce beautiful portraits and artwork of your pets – classical pet portraits that will serve as lasting memories of your cuddly canine, furry feline or other beloved pet.

During your free design appointment, you can tell us all about what makes your pet so special to you. Is it the way he smiles at you? Is it that adoring look he has only for you? The answers help me to focus on capturing the perfect memories for you. During this time, you will also be able to see and touch some of our archival portrait displays.

At the end of your design appointment, you will schedule your pet’s portrait session and secure the date. Our studio session fee of $150 guarantees your session appointment time and must be paid at the time of booking. The fee covers your actual studio session and your personal selection appointment which will be a few weeks after the portrait session.

What types of sessions do we offer?

Click the photos below to find out:

Grand Illusion Mixed Media Painting

Heart & Soul
Black & White

Picture Perfect Portrait Session

A few weeks after your pet’s session, you will attend your personalized in-person selection appointment.

At your selection appointment, we will help you choose your wall portraits and keepsakes to best immortalize your forever friend. Some of our clients’ favorite memory keepers are shown below.

You get lots of display options with the Best in Show folio box with easel.

Just $775 for 10 of your favorites.

Showcase your heart dog in a classic Group One album with custom acrylic cover (starting at $950).

You might enjoy a simpler album such as the Best of Breed (starting at $575).

Living Room with English Springer art over the sofa

When you choose the Grand Illusion session, we will guide your choice of the perfect portrait for your painting. A mock up with be created for an initial proof before actual painting begins. Once the mock up is approved, Janice will create your one-of-a-kind art piece. Upon completion (and sometimes during the painting process), you will receive a proof image in a private online gallery for your approval. Finally, we will help you choose the appropriate media and frame to display your artisan piece.

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