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Sitting quietly
Sitting quietly


A couple of weeks ago, I had a great session with the cutest little black and tan Dachshund named Dante.  He was the perfect gentleman and so photogenic.  His owner wanted a portrait for her car door so we started out shooting against a white seamless paper so that it would be easy to extract him for the company doing the car door.

The head study below was shot against the white paper backdrop.  Then in post-processing, I added a beautiful vintage wallpaper look.

Dachshund head study
Dachshund head study


After getting several options against the white backdrop, I changed out to black.  I love the look of a black dog against a black background.  The hair just seems to glisten more.

Handsome Dachshund
Handsome Dachshund boy


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  1. If you post Hilary and my boys photo, I will gladly share it on facebook. I am so pleased with the photos!

    1. Hi Joye – I’m so glad you like the photos of Hilary and the boys. I would love you to share it on Facebook. I’ll get a watermarked copy available.

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