“Misty Morning”

[Click on the picture to see a larger version]
This is one of my photos from the digital print competition last week.  It was taken very early one November morning at Lake Nevin in Bernheim Forest.  I love the play of light on the mist rising from the lake.  I also like how the boulders in front anchor the viewer, while the orange glow on the opposite side of the lake tends to pull you in.  My eye likes to wander through this scene and I find it very peaceful.

The judges awarded Misty Morning an average score of 75.  The one who gave a verbal critique said that he felt there was merit to be found in the image but that I need to crop off the bottom two-thirds.  He didn’t like my anchoring boulders and suggested that I make  the photo a very narrow panoramic-style image by removing everything below the mist.


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