New look!

I’m slowly building a new look for Images by Janice!    The new header is just the beginning.   I have a new color scheme, which I haven’t yet gotten incorporated into the blog.  It’s been fun playing with colors trying to find a way to make teal and purple work together.  Teal is Ian’s color and purple is Max’s.  Since they are my current two best boys, I just had to find a way.  While googling color schemes the other day, I came across a cool website at, (yes, it really does exist) where people post color schemes they have created using the color schemer tool.  A quick search of the site for “purple” showed that I was not the only crazy person who thought that purple and teal were color coordinated!

FB page header
My Facebook page header

Above is the header that I created for the Images by Janice fanpage on Facebook.  The poster children are (clockwise from top left): Max, Keegan, Ian, and Carmel.  I think the colors work well together, and I’m so excited that they do.

Well, this was a short update but one that was long overdue.  If you are on Facebook, please check out my fan page (just search for Images by Janice) and like us there.  I find it’s sometimes a little faster to post updates there.

Till next time – hug your pets and your family.


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