A Family Affair – Pet Photography Style

Way back in February, Katie S. came for a pet photography session for her family of 4 well-mannered pups. Okay, only one was actually still a puppy, but they were all really fun to work with.

First up – Denny!

Red Beagle Play Bowing on Small Footstool for a pet photography session - Images By Janice Lukenbill

Everyone’s favorite Beagle boy, Denny. Denny’s tail never stopped wagging. Of course, that is what we all love about him. His smile is contagious too.

Next up – Whiskey!

Border Collie - Aussie relaxing during his pet photography session - Images By Janice Lukenbill

Or, as David like to call him, Bourbon. Whiskey is such a handsome fellow. He looks like a Border Collie but he is actually a Border Collie – Australian Shepherd cross. You can barely tell in this photo, but his well-plumed tail is one of his claims to fame. When he is running agility, it looks like a flag blowing in the wind behind him.

Third – Izzie!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi sitting on orange settee during a pet photography session - Images By Janice Lukenbill

Izzie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was just adorable. Her mom was worried that she wouldn’t sit still for her session, but she was perfect! Plus, she offered some great head tilts. Don’t you just love her ears?

And now – the pup!

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever posing on a Footstool during his pet photography session - Images By Janice Lukenbill

Puppy Vino is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. (How’s that for a mouthful?) Vino thought this entire pet photography session was just for him. Looking at that face, I think he might have a bit of a ‘tude. I love him and threatened to steal him from Katie at the end of the session.

Family portrait time…..

After we got everyone’s individual portraits made, it was time for the family portrait. Oh my! That was really fun. I put the orange settee back out and put some posing blocks behind for Whiskey to stand on. Then Katie and David (my husband/dog whisper) got everyone into position. Surprisingly it only took a couple of clicks to get the final family portrait.

Four Dogs posing on an orange settee - Pet family portrait - Images By Janice Lukenbill

I think it is going to look great over Katie’s sofa!

Pet family portrait hanging over bench - Images By Janice Lukenbill

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