Your heart dog has shared so many experiences with you.

He can often read your thoughts and you his.

You are his entire world.

He is the reason you get out of bed early – every. single. day.

His silly grin and wiggly butt make you smile even on your saddest days.

This most special of friends deserves to be a true piece of art.

Do you want to celebrate a new Grand Champion? How about the World’s Greatest Dog (who just happens to belong to YOU?)

The Grand Illusion is the perfect way to truly show off your once-in-a-lifetime best friend of all time.

Has your pet already crossed the Rainbow Bridge? Again, the Grand Illusion is the perfect answer, because we can create a beautiful art piece from photos that you have already taken.

What is the Grand Illusion? The Grand Illusion is a hand-rendered mixed media painting. What does that mean exactly? Your painting will be hand-painted on the computer using a digital tablet and pen as my canvas and brush. Every feature, every hair, all are individual brush strokes, just as if I were holding a paint brush loaded up with my favorite oil paint. Unlike those companies that mass-produce digital paintings with the push of a button, I control everything about your painting so I can be sure to highlight your pet’s best features.

The Grand Illusion is the ultimate tribute to your beloved pet.

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